The Whiskery

The Eximius Rats are housed in the Whiskery, a 3m x 3m section of our garage. It is an ideal habitat for rats at it is dark and cool throughout the year. Linoleum flooring has been laid on the floor to make it easy to mop/sweep, the walls have been painted to allow them to be cleaned down when necessary and the rats have an 8ft x 2ft area to freerange in safety.

The Hutches

I made the move to hutches after serious thought, consideration and research. They have long been considered with what can only be described as contempt as they conjured up images of back yard breeders and people were concerned by the ventilation. Many breeders use hutches and have done so successfully for years, and while some are much too small, they offer a great range of flexibility in space and design. I am now entirely converted; I have found no issues and they are much easer to clean in comparison to traditional cages.

I have opted for 4ft x 2ft x 2ft hutches and they have fully removable fronts with 2 front opening doors and a stationary mesh panel for water bottles. Cages are enriched with ropes, branches, hammocks, hides and differing levels. For their main substrate we use hemp based bedding such as Aubiose and Raviera mixed with cardboard bedding such as EcoBed or Green Mile.

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