About Us
I will try to answer any questions and queries you might have about life here at Eximius Rattery and hope that I leave you with no lingering questions, but if this isn’t the case then please do not hesitate to contact me as I am happy to discuss anything further!

Eximius Rats is run by me (Lloyd) but with the amazing and unfaltering support of my husband, Paul. Rats are certainly a shared interest but while Paul prefers to simply enjoy, it is my passion that drives us towards breeding.

For me it all stems from a love and passion for rats which has made me want to give something back, more specifically increasing health and longevity, and ultimately their quality of life. I decided I wanted to breed and endeavour to produce rats of excellent temperament and type while attempting to improve their health and longevity. Two years is such a tragically short 'average' life for an animal with which many of us from such profound relationships with. I hope to change that but without producing rats which live long but frail/disease ridden lives; hence the emphasis on quality of life, as well as life span.

We currently breed mainly black and agouti in dumbo and top ear, however we have introduced chocolate recently and there is the smaller chances of buff/topaz, silver fawn/champagne and cinnamon/mink.


There are many people with significant roles in my journey and in my life but where to begin?

Paul would be a good start, who has long suffered my eccentric ways and the take over of our life by rats. Without him it really wouldn't be possible for me to breed and indeed, as it was he who first suggested rats, I may have never discovered the world of rats at all. Scary thought...

Then my friends and once co-breeders (Alison, Jemma, Kelly and Lisa) whose support continues to be truly awesome and unwavering. Thank you to each and everyone of you.

To the NERS people, who have in many ways become a second family to me and have helped, and continue to help, me grow and develop as person and as a breeder. There are too many to mention by name but here's a few who really need to be: Andy and Gwen Murray, Alison Triggs (
Valiance Rattery), Beri Instone (Amarandh Rattery), Lilly Hoyland (Lilliput Stud), Mary Giles (Zephyr Stud), Sandra & Graham Mobbs (Tennyson Stud), Stacey Cochrane (Honeyduke Rattery) and toyah Leitch (Hawthorn Stud).

To the pet homes present and future, thank you a thousand times over as none of this would be possible without you. Never stop finding me.

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