Hello there!

Welcome to the online home of Eximius Rats, a small rattery located in Annesley Village, Nottinghamshire and run by Lloyd Allington. Eximius aim to breed well tempered, show quality rats in black, cinnamon pearl and related varieties.

I am a member of the North of England Rat Society and currently serve as their Archivist and Eximius Rattery is registered with the National Fancy Rat Society. I am also on the committee of trustees for the National Pet Initiative, which will be making a return after a year 'sabbatical' due to the board having other personal commitments.

This site is purely a brief introduction to Eximius life, allowing some insight into the way our rats are cared for and the way in which I practice as a breeder. If you would like to come see for yourself I am always happy to allow visitors here, but by appointment only please.

I work full time as a teacher and, as you can imagine, I am often very busy and as a result this site is never as up to date as I would like. This said I will try my best to update it whenever I can and hope you enjoy it all the same. Should you have any questions regarding the site, Eximius Rats or otherwise please feel free to contact me.

                           "Excellence is a fine pursuit..."

 Eximius illustration from header by Marjo Rautio ©2007

For more information http://coccis.deviantart.com/

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